Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How To Make Kite Man

This very interesting kite design. Here we create a kite man, a kite shape look likes a man. This kite design is little complex that previous design. But it is not very difficult to try it. If you a kids please take assistance from your parents to make this nice kite. For this design also we need same materials as previous.

Material list:

1. Very light weight paper sheets with different colors
2. Seven very light weight wood or plastic sticks
3. Carpentry glue
4. Threads

As shown in figure 1 you need to cut your paper sheets. You can use different colors to different part of the human body. Then mark the dash lines as shown in figure. Paste prepared wood sticks as shown in figure. It is very important to take very light weight wood sticks for this kite. Then bend over the dash lines and paste the edges of the paper sheet. Now body part of the kite man is completed. Next will move into how to make a head for our kite man. Take another very thin wood stick, bend it to make a circle and tide the edges and make the wood ring. Fix that wood ring to body of the kite man. Using some different color paper sheet paste it on the wood ring to make face.

Figure 1: Kite Man Design

Now almost done, need to complete the body of the kite man. Using different color paper sheet and cut the hands and legs for the kite man and paste them as shown in figure 1. Next thing is give him eyes, nose and mouth. Cut two small paper circles for eyes, triangle for nose and mouth shape paper pieces and paste them on the face of this kite man. Final kite man will look likes this.

Figure 2: Completed Kite Man

Finally as shown in figure 2 you need to fix the thread for this kite. Fix the thread to neck of the kite man and other end to bottom of the kite man. Then fix your thread reel to middle of previous thread. Now we are ready to fly our kite man. Hurry to nearest beach or any place that you try to fly this kite man. Fly this kite man and how he smile at you and dance on the air.

How To Make Simple Chinese Kite

Chinese kites are very popular and most of them are easy to make. In this article we will look at how to make simple Chinese kite. As a beginner this project is very easy and helpful to understand them how to make a kite and basic theory of making kite. Different shapes, sizes and different materials use across the world to make kites. In my articles I try to discuss about very common kite designs, so that all the friends across the world can try these kites. Basically to make kites we use very light weight and thin papers or polyethylene sheets. You can use different colors make your kite more attractive, but when you select your sheet you need to specially focus on the weight of that sheet. Also for this kite we need couple of very light weight wood or plastic sticks and threads.

There is no any standard size to make a kite. Use your common sense and feelings to decide how big your kite should be. But need to understand that if you make very small kite that kite might not be able to fly since it could not be able lift its weight. If size of the kite is large mean the pressure on the it from air is high. This will lead to easily lift your kite into air.

Today I will talk about very simple design, but this is very important to try because you can easily understand most of the concepts behind how to make a kite. This is an art, but you need to have some science knowledge. But once you familiar with making kites you can make your own designs and show other how creative you are.

For this kite you need prepare some light weight paper or polyethylene sheet. Four light weight wood or plastic sticks. Carpentry glue and threads.

Figure 1: Design of the kite

As shown in figure 1 you need cut your paper into triangle shape. Then mark dash lines as shown in figure. Then paste wood sticks as shown in figure using carpentry glue. Next step is to bend over dash lines and paste it. Now you have made your kite. Next thing is how you fix threads to kite.Figure 2: Completed kite

As shown in figure 2 you need fix thread from the cross point to bottom of the kite. Then from middle of that thread you need to fix your thread wheel that you use to fly your kite. Now everything completed and go to the nearest beach or any place that you can fly this kite. Have a fun, good luck

Let's Make A Kite

Welcome my dear friend to "How To Make A Kite" blog site. This blog site dedicated to discuss about various methods use to make a kite. It is true that you can buy a kite from local market and fly it very easily. But have you every dream to fly your own kite. Try make your own kite and fly it, this would be one of the happiest moment of your life. Your kids will love you more than the world, if you make a kite for them. Why don't you get this happiness to your home by simply making a beautiful kite.

There are lot of methods around the world to make a kite. Different countries use different methods and different materials. But the fun everyone getting is almost high. So this site will discuss most of those methods step by step. My ultimate goal is to see you fly your own kite on your nearest beach with your family, friends or even your lover.

Let's try make our own happiness and fly it to sky to see the entire world.